Behavioral Ethics: Too Big To Fail and the Financial Crisis

This post is dedicated to foreclosure warrior Jack Wright of who passed away yesterday. Jack has helped thousands of Americans facing foreclosure. He will be missed by all.
Rest in peace, Jack.
Virginia and the DeadlyClear staff

Justice League

This coming week, I will be speaking at the annual conference of the American Accounting Association (AAA). AAA is the largest community of accountants in academia; key experts in that field on leading-edge research and publications. They are well known and respected as thought leaders and for shaping the future of accounting through teaching, research and their powerful network.

I’ve been asked to give my presentation on Behavioral Ethics: Too Big To Fail and the Financial Crisis to their Ethics Research Symposium. Part of my time will be spent on my story: the story of what I discovered at Citigroup when I was Business Chief Underwriter during the housing bubble financial crisis meltdown and the fraud I saw within the company of certifying poor mortgages as quality mortgages and then selling them to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and other securitizations. I’ll tell of the actions I felt compelled to take, the warnings I repeatedly issued to…

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1 thought on “Behavioral Ethics: Too Big To Fail and the Financial Crisis

  1. ALOHA GINNY:…. hope i find u & dale well… sorry for your loss of your friend jack….. on the same day as the dropping of the bomb on hiroshima and the voting rights act….. aloha from huelo…..

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