Robert Reich: Follow Santa Cruz County’s lead on banks

Justice League

Reverend Jesse Jackson said in 1972 at the Black National Convention in Gary, Indiana echoing the words of poet Leroi Jones (aka Amiri  Baraka) : It’s Nation Time! Well, it’s nation time! Time for every county  in every state to follow the example of Santa Cruz: Not do business with the banksters and move their monies in a community bank or small bank!

SF Gate:

The county’s Board of Supervisors just voted not to do business for five years with any of the five bank felons. The county won’t use the banks’ investment services or buy their commercial paper, and will pull its money out of the banks to the extent that it can.

“We have a sacred obligation to protect the public’s tax dollars, and these banks can’t be trusted,” said county SupervisorRyan Coonerty. “Santa Cruz County should not be involved with those who rigged the world’s…

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