Central Florida Flames Over Foreclosure Fraud

Excellent analogy. It is becoming quite common in foreclosure defense to distort information by creating smear campaigns and disingenuous public assaults against foreclosure defense warriors…just to protect or rather hide and suppress the truth.

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Just received this link:

see http://www.wftv.com/news/news/local/osceola-foreclosure-report-author-holds-news-confe/nm79R/

Krieger is right about the fundamentals. While I have not reviewed his report, it appears from what I have heard about it that in contains misstatements and inaccuracies. BUT the idea that the foreclosures are largely a fraud upon homeowners and the Courts is well-founded.

The parties who are initiating the foreclosures are mostly servicers. They want the foreclosure so they can collect on advances and fees. But they have no right to foreclosure on those claims because they have no contract, no note, and no mortgage in which they have…

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