Now It’s Your Turn to Help Me!!! Getting lawyers to sign up on common registry.

Same here. We get contacted from homeowners all over the country needing help. However, with that said, there have been some crummy attorneys out there just trying to make a buck off of homeowners. The list needs to be like Max Gardeners Grad List – where they’ve actually won a few cases because they understand the issues and they’ve taken some courses in foreclosure defense.

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Every day dozens of people call me asking for referrals to attorneys. I have tried everything I think of to get attorneys to sign up, give resumes, etc. All I want to do is set up something like an Angie’s list for foreclosure defense lawyers. If any of you have an idea about how to do this, even if it is your own venture, that will be fine. I’m not looking to make money on this. I just want to provide the service to people.

Please send email to with some sort of business plan to set up a system where homeowners can get the help they need.

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1 thought on “Now It’s Your Turn to Help Me!!! Getting lawyers to sign up on common registry.

  1. I can say its next to impossible in California unless you are sitting on more money than you know what to do with,but you prob wouldn’t have a mortgage then would ya.45K, 4 lawyers later,and still have a pending foreclosure sale date 90 days from now.Judge in the first attempt disregarded all of my evidence,my lawyer never argued and kissed the ground she walked on and basically lied and did a bad acting job.That whats been going on and it leaves one in a state of I can’t even describe it but I am sure anyone reading this knows it very well.The regulatory bodies(state and fed)are jokers and stonewalling complaints is all they do,and they pretty much accept whatever is told them by the banks(oh we never gotta hold of him,blahblah,same number for 21 years)Good work and good luck.

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