1. These are huge huge problems and would lead and rightfully so to impeachment and possible treason of many in this CORRUPT administration lead by the supreme dictator who I think Is nothing more than an actor along with the wife and kids all actors stuck in their role as first family.Just more insulation to have to dig through to get to the real deal.What I have noticed about most these transactions is the numerous sets of docs for each and the bad actors don’t worry about the discrepancies at all thus meaning they know they are above the law,and that they will prevail.But the question I want to know is What is the end game,I mean besides pain and suffering and greed.And we as a people have accepted it,any other countries people would have sent these impostors packing by now.WOWOWOWOW

  2. I sure hope Dave Krieger is given credit for helping the people and forgiven for his past. He is a genius and has chosen to prove the biggest crime in history and a repeat of the past crimes of the banks and government, against millions of people. Dave could have worked for either side and works to defend the people. So glad to see this report released.

  3. Blows my mind and at the same time makes me feel like I knew that was what was going on.That said what does this information do for any of us that are in the trenches fighting to save our homes at present against an army of corrupt document fabricators,phony entities,corrupt lawyers and judges,corrupt title companies,and realtors and their associations just waiting to move another home as thought is what it is today a security or stock to be traded on the housing marking.It used to be a home was meant to keep folks working in a positive direction for their families and future.Their communities and to have a reason to be a positive part of that community now tell me what the end game is in allowing this fraud to go unchecked by the Obama administration and the regulatory of the United States Government.It only makes people want to act out in really negative ways when there is no hope in sight don’t they see that there is no way out .Reap what you sew.

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