Long Islanders hope six-year deadline will block foreclosures

Talk about equitable … That’s the way it should be. Call a Tulip Bubble and be over with it!

Justice League

A small but closely watched number of Long Island homeowners are asking judges to dismiss foreclosure cases against them, saying lenders missed New York’s six-year deadline to file such lawsuits.

Already, a judge has thrown out a Sound Beach couple’s foreclosure case because the lender took too long to file its second lawsuit, after the first one was dismissed. The case has drawn intense scrutiny from attorneys who represent homeowners and lenders. In interviews with Newsday, attorneys said more homeowners have filed court papers seeking the same result.

As Long Island struggles to emerge from its yearslong foreclosure crisis, the deadline could mean a yet-to-be-determined number of Long Island homeowners win their foreclosure cases and stay in their homes.

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