Judge: Wells Fargo to pay $8M for fraud tied to trust set up when Dallas woman was orphan

Not surprised are we?

Justice League


Wells Fargo Bank has been ordered to pay a Dallas woman more than $8 million by a state judge who concluded the bank defrauded her in serving as a trustee for a trust established by her relatives in Midland when she was orphaned at age 7.

In court filings and during a 2012 bench trial before State Judge Emily Tobolowsky, Angela Militello alleged that she had been deceived by Wells Fargo, which was acting as the trustee in a trust set up for her as a child. (The original complaint is here.)

Wells Fargo sent a trust officer to Dallas County in 1999 to discuss Militello’s trust, she alleged. At a Dallas restaurant, he informed her she needed to “open a new account” and produced papers for her to assign to create a revocable trust.

In 2006, following her divorce, Militello asked her trust officer how she might get $200,000 to  buy a house where she…

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1 thought on “Judge: Wells Fargo to pay $8M for fraud tied to trust set up when Dallas woman was orphan

  1. Wells Fargo will lie,cheat,steal,forge,fabricate,photo-shop whatever is needed to part us from our own money and their lawyers do this daily in our courts without a care.They can do this because they have “Above the law status” and they know it.They stopped trying to act as though they give two shits many years ago.Look at the pension fund holdings around the country for judges and officials and all your answers on who you can and cant F with are there.It sux but weve allowed it and it will get worse until we take a big stand and tell them to step the F off.

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