California appoints auditor to examine Ocwen treatment of borrowers

Okay Hawaii Gov… Where the hell are you?

Justice League

California, as part of a consent order earlier this year, has named an auditor to assess whether Ocwen Financial Corp.’s mortgage servicing complies with state and federal laws.

If the review finds violations, the state Department of Business Oversight can seek repayment of funds for injured consumers as well as penalties against the Atlanta bill-collecting and foreclosure specialist, officials said Tuesday.

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1 thought on “California appoints auditor to examine Ocwen treatment of borrowers

  1. Funny Ocwen is one of the now thats at least trying to work with people while Wells Fargo has managed to fly below the radar yet is one of the worst offenders. Their lawyers posture the same way as though they are by the book and cant be bothered explaining why they fabricate document to steal homes daily in the courts all over this country.Think they talk about that with the fam over dinner or maybe a bedtime story for the kids “daddy had fun in court today lying and winning”,what a great country.

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