BUSTED: Trustee Caught Building Endorsements!

Re-blogged from MSFraud.org

Broken_TrustThis is Alaska Trustee, L.L.C.,  OneWest BankDeutsche Bank and Lender Processing Services conspiring to forge/fabricate the endorsements on the Note. 

This is actual correspondence obtained through discovery, submitted to the Court in a 60B motion, which was denied without a hearing at the trial court level.  [Read more on MSFraud HERE]

Way to Go!!

2 thoughts on “BUSTED: Trustee Caught Building Endorsements!

  1. Sounds kind of like my California, Marin County Judge. Although he has two mortgages with Wells Fargo, he has refused to recuse himself on three requests….AND found that every true statement in my Complaint and any response was “invalid, unworthy or no good.” a 10.5 page Tentative Ruling dismissing every aspect of my complaint! ??? It was not Pro Se, but done by an attorney. My attorney made only a one point objection to the entire Tentative Ruling which was “with prejudice” and then absolutely refused to submit documentation on that point. Yes, he is up for disbarment now with CalBar, BUT not based on my case. What are we going to do about the lack of justice in the California courts? Oh yes, I also was denied a jury trial as well, just like all other foreclosure cases, in spite of the rights given all Americans under the United States Constitution regarding jury trial for real estate matters over $20.00. Isn’t that still in the Constitution of the United States?
    What is surprising to me is how many attorneys sit in those courtrooms every day and hear all the illegalities and do nothing!

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