Lawmakers call for banks to rescue federal employees

How do we distinguish between government worker who lost their paychecks and employees of major corporations that laid off personnel or the construction industry that lost their jobs when Wall Street crashed the economy? If you work for the government you deserve special treatment? Ummm…???

Justice League

Lawmakers call for banks to rescue federal employees

Lawmakers urged financial institutions to work proactively with borrowers facing financial distress because of the government shutdown. For three weeks, federal employees have been out of the job without pay.

As the nation enters day 14 of the federal freeze, many government employees are beginning to feel the early signs of financial hardship.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif, spearheaded a concurrent resolution, along with 30 other policymakers, urging institutions such as banks and consumer reporting agencies to work with customers affected by the shutdown.

“The shutdown of the federal government has forced thousands of people into financial distress through no fault of their own,” Waters said. “Financial institutions should not penalize — or profit from — those affected by these difficult circumstances.”

The proposal calls on institutions to identify customers affected by the government halt and asks the entities to adopt flexible…

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