“What?! Give up our paychecks while we shutdown the government? We’ve got mortgages and bills to pay.”

Washington (CNN) — In an extended shutdown, most of the federal workforce would go without pay, but the checks will keep coming to the 533 current members of Congress.

Who gets paid in a shutdown and who doesn’t?

However, there is a new breed of politician in Washington. When asked by CNN how Hawaii’s newest member to the Washington delegation felt about the shutdown and the lost salaries of the Tulsi_Gabbard,_official_portrait,_113th_Congressemployees when Congress still gets paid, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard replied:

“That is disgraceful in my view,” said freshman Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, told CNN. “Basically the only people who get paid in a shutdown are members of Congress, and that is irresponsible.”

Gabbard plans to send any pay she receives during a shutdown back to the Treasury. The combat veteran said she was shocked to find out recently that members’ pay is protected.

It is — by the Constitution.

Apparently, other Congressional Representatives have a conscience. There are those like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, who plans to donate his salary to charity during the shutdown. Frankly, Mitch – the employees would probably rather have you buy them dinner or help them pay their mortgage…Charity begins at home. [DC Ed.]

“I don’t think we should get paid until (the shutdown) is resolved,” Rep. Pete DeSantis, R-Fla, told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Tuesday. “I’ve asked the clerk to withhold any pay for me until we get this up and running. I just think that that’s fair for the folks involved who’ve been negatively affected by this.”  [Read more on CNN CLICK HERE]

Constitutional Amendment to Freeze Congress’ Pay During Government Shutdown

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Michael Greene Petition

Click HERE to sign the Petition to create a Constitutional Amendment to Freeze Congress’ Pay During Government Shutdown.

3 thoughts on ““What?! Give up our paychecks while we shutdown the government? We’ve got mortgages and bills to pay.”

  1. The “shutdown” is an ideal way for the banks to increase their portfolio of foreclosed houses. Stop the homeowner from getting paid just long enough for them to fall behind on their mortgage payments, and away we go.

  2. All of the despicable lawmakers that are licking their chops and praising the shutdown should be giving a tin cup to panhandle for money. None of the loafers on Capitol Hill that don’t work for their constituents shouldn’t give a dime of their salary.. Term limits is all I can say.


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