BofA Tries To Block Class-Action Lawsuit

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BofA Tries To Block Class-Action Lawsuit

Bank of America moved to block a potential class-action suit in federal district court yesterday, saying the plaintiffs had failed to produce evidence of widespread abuses.

The case before U.S. District Judge Rya Zobel in Boston involves claims by several homeowners who sought loan modifications from Bank of America under the federal Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), an initiative introduced by the Obama administration in 2009 to help distressed homeowners keep their homes.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs allege that Bank of America deliberately lied, stonewalled, and mislaid documents in order to prevent homeowners who were successfully completing trial modifications from qualifying for permanent mods, enabling the bank to foreclose instead.

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3 thoughts on “BofA Tries To Block Class-Action Lawsuit

  1. With the Wall Street and the Financial Crisis; Anatomy of a Financial Collapse. and all the whistle blowers new depositions dont know how the bank can claim this. And the 25 billion dollar settlement What a bunch of garbage and lies. So frustrating.

  2. What the BofA has is plenty of money, plenty of attorney and plentyof arrogance. Let’s all hope the judge will see through their nonsense. Come on BofA – come clean and just tell the truth. The whistleblowers are not liars. Anyone whoh as ever been a whistleblower knows that it is never an easy choice to make or an easy path to follow. Some can’t even get jobs because of their whistleblower status. Frankly I don’t think they modified because they didn’t actually own the loans (they were not the original lenders) they merely had collection rights FESS UP AND PAY UP – SURRENDER JAMIE!

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