Denver foreclosure attorney forced to answer AG’s subpoena for billing records

Don’t we all know a few attorneys like that?!

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Denver foreclosure attorney forced to answer AG’s subpoena for billing records

With a handful of foreclosure lawyers listening intently from the back of the courtroom, a Denver District Court judge Thursday ordered one of their colleagues to comply with a state investigation into their billing practices — after denying efforts to close the case from the public.

Judge Edward Bronfin said lawyer Robert Hopp Jr. must gather the paperwork subpoenaed by Attorney General John Suthers’ office in its investigation of lawyers specializing in foreclosures and provide it within 60 days.

Before that, Bronfin denied Hopp’s request to keep the case from the public, saying the investigation had an “overriding public interest” that superseded Hopp’s privacy rights.

Hopp had complied somewhat with attorney general subpoenas issued months ago but has held back some of the most critical documents investigators said they need to determine whether the lawyer was padding his bills…

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3 thoughts on “Denver foreclosure attorney forced to answer AG’s subpoena for billing records

  1. Scott Stafne is after the foreclosing attorneys here NW Trustee’s. They do the fake credit bidding and pretend they are doing a public bidding between three of them when I went to investigate. The price of the houses were beyond anyone of natural funds means unless extremely wealthy and between the three that came out of NW Trustee’s building they bid for every house, then walked back into NW Trustees like a bunch of smucks. They dont only do credit bidding when they are not the lender, they have a rigged bidding. Used to be on their private patio, I hear it is in their garage now. I knew something was up so my son and I went to watch one. They claim on county records they purchased the mortgage for ten dollars. Third they are not suppose to be working for the banks and they are.

  2. NW Trustees has been caught now by my attorney making up false statements on false affidavits with absolutely no knowledge at all of the information they claim to have personal knowledge of. Did what they were told to do. .

  3. Pierce & Associates, P.C. – Chicago Area for Wells Fargo and Chase. Seems to be another Codilis & Associates. The managing attorney is also a co-chair for Illinois Mortgage Bankers Association, and a signing officer for MERS on backdated foreclosure affidavits. Funny that the same real estate moguls who signed us up for a risky and unfair refinance in 2005 (Draper & Kramer, fake lender on note) apparently sold the note a few days before the refinance closed – to Wells Fargo – who then turned around and sold it to secondary market investors, keeping servicing rights. We tried to sell 2 years later only to find that the house wasn’t worth even half the mortgage, tried to rescind but laws twisted into thier favor, we filed Federal suit in 2009 right after Wells filed a foreclosure while failing to recscind. Going on 5 years now, no relief for us and no lawyers can help unless we are richj. Also funny, in 2010 a payment made to Wells for the servicingf account of tens of thousands over the note – suspecting that Wells sold a non-performing loan to Fannie in 2010 – if so Fannie KNEW – if Fannie didn’t buy it, who did? Or masybe Wells collected insurance on it, or maybe Wells made the fake lender buy it back. Either way, what I’ve been seeing is that the houses are getting foreclosed upon, and the Banks lawyers (MERS officers) bid the foreclosure amount – no one else wins the house at auction – then the house is QUITCLAIMED to Fannie and or a real estate company (like fake lender) to rehab and rent out. The rents up in Chicago are as high as the mortgage payments were. These guys are all working togather to take homeownership away and make everyone renters. Anyone who takes out a mortgage on a foreclosed, unrentable fixer-upper will suffer the same fate in 3-5 years i’ll bet – if the mortgage says MERS it a sure sign. The money wheel will never stop, and all those notes are still being bought and sold long after the house and mortgage are gone. I’ll bet the judsges are shareholders in the baks (the lifetime judges at least) which is why any winning cases get sealed up.
    This is waty to big for the attorneys general – i think because the states/cities owe so much loan money on infrustructure (ie schools, roads, etc) that they have to comply with the banks (school closings, when the schools just recently got built because the kids were overcrowded – not there’s not enough kids?? go figure) If the public/state governement resissts, then we have mass layoffs and commercial foreclosures – a bankrupt city to cover it all up maybe? In the end, real estate investors get the most and best properties to rent out, which means more hiring of construction workers to rehab these homes, a fake comeback on “jobs” so they can do the same thing all over again in 5-7 years. They will never get rid of MERS, just will change the name, under same management – just like all the lenders who gave out bad loans, they never actually went out of business, they paid a fineto make it look good, and were “shut down”, but went back to business under a different name (same parent). Look at some of the cases – the banks that failed seem to have something in common – they were shuttered for making bad loans but if you look carefully you will propbably see that the bank who bought them out “without liability” was the same bank who was underwriting/buying/ securitizing those loans. They don’t take the rap for the bad loans, but get to foreclose on the houses., after collecting insurance in full and tax breaks – then the houses are resold/rented (a overpriced mortgage again) while THE NOTE is still out there making a profit.
    Its all a big circle, money wheel of fraud I say – . Oh, BTW – the attorneys who filed foreclosure are probably not even representing the plaintiff Bank, they probably represent a government sponsored entity who can’t be named because it would be like the government was foreclosing on the homeowner. Its all lies in court – just try to get a foreclosure mill to show them the hiring contract to prove they awere hired by the foreclosing bank. YOU WN”T GET IT because they are hiding the real plaintiff just like the plaintiff hid when it made the loan – couldn’t lend its money directly to you because its illegal to do so and because the government would be held liable for the bad loan – then who would believe that we had rela laws to protect, since the government makes those laws.

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