BofA Senior Collector of Loss Mitigation Simone Gordon: “I lied because I was told to lie.”

And the penalty is??? Would you be surprised if BofA’s excuse was fabricated too?!

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BOA Senior Collector




“Beginning in 2009, I regularly spoke to people who had received HAMP Trial Period Plans, made their trial payments, and who were calling to inquire about the status of their expected permanent loan modification. I also saw records showing that Bank of America employees had told people that documents had not been received when, in fact, the computer system showed that Bank of America had received the documents. This was consistent with the instructions my colleagues and I were given. We were told to lie to the customers and claim that Bank of America had not received documents it had requested, and that it had not received trial payments (when in fact it had). We were told that admitting that the Bank received documents would open a can of worms since the Bank was required to underwrite the loan modification within 30 days of receiving those documents…

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6 thoughts on “BofA Senior Collector of Loss Mitigation Simone Gordon: “I lied because I was told to lie.”

  1. too much hearsay and double/triple hearsay – this is lousy/lazy lawyer work and as such it discredits what could be a great fact affidavit…perhaps go back to creator and get the affidavit (which now has the smell of rank hearsay and so I distance myself from it) fixed and resubmitted.

    On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 8:00 AM, Deadly Clear

  2. I personally went through this process for almost 29 months. I also have hours of taped conversations supporting exactly what this former BoA employee is stating. I wouldn’t wish what they put me through on anyone. IMO BoA is a disgusting and despicable financial institution.

    • I am in this right now, Fighting each week to stop foreclosure, have paid since June 2012 in modification, never finalized to this day; Now with Trustee Sale notice hung on the door Nov 21st for Dec 16th., One strange or wrong statement after another by our poorly informed single rep., One dept doing foreclosure, her dept showing we are going “normal” until trustee sale posted and I called her to her “surprise” (she told me), As she tries to stop it with me, our loan is sold and new servicer can help me after they get docs, Dec16th or later which is on or past the trustee sale date; Now we have no rep at BofA, no help until too late from new servicers, SPS. Calling, digging, writing, trying for help from everyone I can write or talk to… What a circus & nightmare, paid over 20,000 during the mod that we could have used elsewhere on rent and begun reestablishing credit this past 1 1/2 yrs. One suggested write government reps from your state, also attorney generals, white house, consumer protection, federal and agencies, everyone – Which I am doing now. Get everything in writing, get a recorder for your phone if you can, they do not always tell you what the reality is, one dept may be moving to foreclosure (and not mailing you letters because the old ones prior to mod are still in effect!) while you are working it out with someone else; Take notes of what you say and what they say, follow it up in writing, I wish I had done that prior – They are not being held accountable for all they are doing – All of your recordings and notes will help you if you ever get a lawyer, or free assistance to fight them. Looking back, we love it here but maybe being 1 1/2 yrs towards buying or building would’ve been better- I think the wait for a loan is 3 yrs. after foreclosure in Cali. Good luck everyone

  3. “Fraud as a business model.” The too big to fail banks must be liquidated in bankruptcy where they belong.

  4. The more bank employees speak out on the pressure by the bank supervisors and bank itself to maximize profits and maximize the late fess for homeowners to be pushed into foreclosure, the more the big banks will never be trusted to the public and the image becomes more tarnished.

  5. I also have been denied by BOA for modification after filing all documents and paying them on time for the 3 month period, only to get a denial. The BANKS have done so much damage to all
    the people, for money, we comply, why? Enough is enough……Its time to take a stand….change
    within, thats a start……

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