Hawaii’s OccupyWallStreet Movement Speaks Out from Kauai, Maui, Hilo, Oahu

“We are a people at the full height of our power” sings the choir on Kauai, HI, site of the worlds’ largest missile test site, GMO testing fields, rising costs of education and crashing home values…in paradise. It’s real life in paradise.

Every island has their movement – please join! We are the 99% – united.  Whether you are Democrat or Republican – this is your fight.  Greed is not good. Wall Street has deliberately taken your property equity, savings, pension and retirement funds and gambled them away.

OccupyMaui – Maui, Hawaii.  Sign up for newsletters today.  Help the protesters and spread the word.

OccupyHilo – Standing up for America’s 99%.  Help the protesters and spread the word.

OccupyOahu – Sign up for information on Occupy Together.
Check out Slip with Snak for further information. Here’s a blurb from the Slip post (thanks Slip):

My friend Marilyn and I went to Occupy Oahu today in the little park behind Indigo’s on the corner of Bethel and Hotel Streets.  We came in on the tail end of it, when most people had left and the rest stood around in small groups discussing the next steps.  The plan is to meet again tomorrow and march from Ala Moana to Waikiki.  I will already be at Kapiolani Park to support my friends Roshan and Shivani and their band, Clear Sky… We plan on meeting at Gandhi’s statue and hold up our signs.  I still need to make mine.  What shall I write on it?  Hmm…

Here are some photos of the last part of the meeting.

And my personal favorite… Aloha Policeman on Oahu! Awesome…

If you want to keep democracy and not “financial socialism” – you need to get involved.  If you can’t attend a protest, email your friends and family and share the information.  You can also call, email and write your politicians and tell them you support the OccupyWallStreet movement.  But to do nothing is to leave your fate in the hands of greedy, self-serving elites that have absolutely no compassion or concern for America.

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