Quiet Title Actions, Multiple Scenarios and Suspected Court Overreach

Excellent post. Yes, homeowners need education! Homeowners are waking up as 2020 election fraud tactics using patented computer algorithms, bribed politicians and judges, forged ballots and stuffed ballot boxes mirrors foreclosure fraud in so many ways. It’s not hard for a homeowner facing foreclosure to understand how rigged and corrupt the entire system had become.

Just like school loans (ARS), mortgages (MBS) were UNREGULATED DERIVATIVES that need to be wiped entirely off the books because of the swamped fraud and corruption for which they were created.

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(BREAKING NEWS, OP-ED) —The author of this post is a paralegal and trial consultant to attorneys on chain of title issues. The article is designed to educate and is not to be construed as legal advice or to attempt to draw any legal conclusions of law.

A Supreme Court of Iowa case came into my inbox this morning and after reading its 14 pages, it became a relevant topic for discussion here.

In this suit, the tax deed holder (ACC Holdings LLC), twice tried to sue the owner of record (Rooney). The Iowa Rules of Civil Procedure only allow for two “bites at the apple” (IRCP 1.943) and the second voluntary dismissal operated as an “adjudication on the merits” (in other words, by dismissing its own case twice, it blocked the Plaintiff from suing a third time by creating case law, based on a third filing of the same…

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5 thoughts on “Quiet Title Actions, Multiple Scenarios and Suspected Court Overreach

  1. ALOHA: …. i read the comment: ” … Homeowners are waking up as 2020 election fraud tactics … ” !s the author implying and/or stating the right-wing, cultist followers of our disgraced socio-psychopathic lying former POTUS grump’s debunked, false claims blaming widespread voting fraud for his loss in 2020???…. the sun rises in the west, the GOP are patriots and walking across an interstate highway blindfolded during high traffic is a good idea are accurate items!!!!…. hopefully not!

    • Aloha Nik – As you know we do in-depth research, follow-up on leads and interviews and dissected the 2000 Mules documentary. We couldn’t find any blatant misrepresentations in the 2000 Mules film – but if you can find any specific questionable false representations, please share.

      • ALOHA VIRGINIA:….. hope you are well… my comment refers to the implied position that the 2020 election was STOLEN from our socio-psychopathic lying, former POTUS grump!!!! …. if 2000 mules is contending this, i let my green martian friends living on my property know about it, so they can get on their pink elephants and leave before the shit hits the fan!!!

      • Aloha Nik – Have you even seen the 2000 Mules documentary yet? I didn’t think so. Watch it first and then look closely at the election numbers of the races you lost. While 2000 Mules doesn’t cover the machine voting fraud – it’s surveillance video of the drop boxes and cell phones registers in the logical brain. Feel free to disprove any of the documentary with irrefutable hard evidence. I’m sure Dinesh would be available to review it as well. https://rumble.com/v14dwmx-dinesh-dsouza-slams-fact-checker-of-shocking-film-2000-mules.html

      • ALOHA VIRGINIA: ….. nice to hear from you. hope all is well out east …. having done TV production years prior to the proliferation of “conspiracy theories” and the advancement of technology, plus the growth of white nationalism/great replacement, et al. and the millions of hours of videos/podcasts, et al., and never much enjoying or being interested in science fiction, i do choose what to view….. my simple question was IF that is the premise of 2000 mules, i am sure david duke and tucker carlson would love it. i will go by my own gut intelligence and the overwhelming evidence to the contrary! though, of course, i know we were lied to about vietnam/gulf of tonkin and iraq/weapons of mass in destruction….. “they” will not replace us!!!!!! ….. aloiha…..

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