MERS EXPOSED – Declaration of Whistle-blowers Wyler & Powers for Congress/FBI/SEC/DOJ Investigations

MERS Declaration of Wyler & Powers for Congress/FBI/SEC/DOJ investigations

“Mortgage Electronic Registration System Inc. (MERS) is the focus of the research that is the foundation of this Declaration. Renee Wyler and Billie Powers are registered whistleblowers with the Security & Exchange Commission bringing forth the material evidence of their findings and proprietary work.

The Two come forward in peace as protectors of the American (wo)men, The President, The Treasury and US Inc. They seek remedy for all who are touched by the Ponzi Scheme known as the MERS software database.

Third parties evade taxes and steal the estates of over 67 million dispossessed families with hidden counterfeit securities which violate the three Federal crimes detailed in the Constitution, pirating, counterfeiting and treason.

The evidence of MERS counterfeiting of securities in unrecorded transactions on SITUS is massive. Evidence that employees of third parties have unlimited access to the MERS database, meaning there are so many third parties with access the degree of theft is immeasurable. The result of these hidden transactions is counterfeit securities taking homes, laundering money, human trafficking on paper and are Financial Crimes Against Humanity. The material evidence leads to the involvement and conflict of interest of public servants, to include; Attorney Generals, FBI agents, Judges, Sheriffs, Police and even the local municipalities at large. The conflict of interest is deep, entire neighborhoods share hidden MERS Min#’s, Lenders and servicers.

Judges appear to be insulated as their neighbors around them share Min#’s, FBI agents appear to get sweetheart deals buying REO properties as reconveyances void their obligations and schools, said to be debt free by SEC internal legal, are loaded with Min#’s attached. The evidence backing this video is available to Law Enforcement who are involved currently with Wyler and Powers in investigations.

This video declaration is for the Congress, SEC, DOJ, FBI, et al in support of open investigations we women have with these agencies. We call the MERS Min# database a Ponzi scheme of mass proportions, using unrecorded MIN#’s attached to counterfeit securities through manipulated SITUS identifiers stealing the land, homes, and lives of the American homeowners and their families.”

2 thoughts on “MERS EXPOSED – Declaration of Whistle-blowers Wyler & Powers for Congress/FBI/SEC/DOJ Investigations

  1. What a job they’ve done. It concerns me a Greatly that after being promised by Kamala Harris that she’d look into the allegations and crimes she dropped it and could not be bothered in the least and she wants our support for her Presidential campaign. Amazing! Was she bought off?
    I hope those in charge now will exercise their duty to the American people

  2. I’d like to know more! I believe that my family home was manipulated away several years ago! And at the time, I was Vice President of a now defunct group called the “San Diego Foreclosure Strategy Group”. We advocated for others who had or were in the process of losing their homes!

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