Baltimore Whistleblower Teacher Says ‘All Systems Down’ in City Schools

Expect a lot of this. $3.4 TRILLION of pension funds nationwide gambled away on Wall Street. Investigations need to be launched against finance directors, state & federal government legislators and former administrations and union leaders. Get to the bottom of why these investments were made. Pension funds must be invested in TRIPLE A and LIQUID investments – (non- traditional) mortgages (MBS) are not liquid unless forced into default… school loans (ARS) are certainly not a secure investment and credit cards (ABS) have a history of failure… and we know the TRIPLE A ratings were rigged. Oust the bad guys – including politicians that promoted the derivative investments.

See -Maryland $50 billion in unfunded state and local retirement benefits, study says:

See also: City pension officials spend nearly $100,000 on trips:

Check you state’s pension fund disaster:



Justice League

Longtime educator gives an inside view of deplorable conditions and poor learning environment as city officials prepare to layoff nearly 1000 employees to address budget deficit crisis.

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