When The Economy Crashes There Will Be A Reallocation Of Money Not A Reset!

An Interview and Email with Bix Weir – RoadtoRoota.com

All you Iraqi Dinar investors are not going to to like what I say in the below interview. Neither are those thinking that China is about to back their currency with gold or that the IMF is going to change the % allocation of US Dollars in their Special Drawing Rights.

None of the plans (and scams) of FIXING the current monetary system will work because they all take “deciders” with the rest of the population going along for the ride. These “deciders” are the ones that got us here in the first place so they have ZERO credibility.

None of these plans will be accepted by enough of the people for them to work.

What will be accepted is the destruction of electronic debt. All of it! It was never real warren_buffett_derivatives_weaanyways and the collapsing of the Derivative Bubble is a big enough event to destroy all of the electronic debt and electronic assets. Yes, that includes your savings account, checking account, 401k’s…all of it.

Why do you think Warren Buffett called Derivatives “Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction?” (Berkshire Hathaway annual report for 2002)

Because when it goes off NOTHING is left standing when it comes to unbacked fiat money.

So, NO…the fiat currencies will not be revalued or rejiggered or even re-imagined…they are going to be ORGANICALLY removed without any deciders or leaders making the call.

So then what? Surely the governments and monetary masters will want to preserve their power so they will likely offer up their solutions. Every one different. Every one structured to keep themselves in power and keep the status quo the same as always.

Will it work? I don’t think so and You don’t either! Don’t believe me?

What is your answer to this question…

“Would you be in favor of giving the Banks a bigger bailout than they were given in the 2008 banking collapse?”

If your answer is “Hell No!” then you do believe me because that is the question that will be posed to every person on Earth as the next crash hits in the coming months. That is our decision point. Do we sacrifice the fate of the people once again to the evil and corrupt Banksters or do we GROW UP and take responsibility for our own future?

I vote the second one.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

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