Win #Dinner With Trump

dinnerwithtrumpDeadly Clear‏ @DeadlyClear
#DinnerWithTrump How do you view the use of American homeowners’ properties to back the debt & fiat currency rather than gold or silver?

Aloha, Virginia

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3 thoughts on “Win #Dinner With Trump

  1. We would love to have dinner with Donald Trump. We would ask how fast you could get un documented families out of this country and close our borders to the people who want to do harm to us. We need to take our country back. As an Asian American, my family came here legally in 1964. It’s not fair to all the people who have waited in line for years to come to our Beautiful country legally. Thank you for this “Grand” opportunity! “Go Trump!!”

  2. Candidates address the plight of legal and illegal immigrants. sending students to collage, feeding the poor, increasing minimum wage veterans. No one has addressed seniors who worked all their lives and EARNED the right to receive Social Security. To many of us are on the verge of losing our homes, do not qualify for food stamps (or what ever they are called), we pay for medicare but many younger people think it is free. We need dental care, glasses, surgery and prescriptions that are too costly. We make sometime as little as $5 or $10 a month too much to get Medicaid or any assistance but can’t afford a $20,000 co-pay for such procedures. Most people have oral problems and cant afford to save $2,000 to have teeth pulled and get dentures. I can’t afford all my meds even with part D coverage. I had to help to support my mother. No one helped me until we had to put her in a nursing home.Now I am a disabled widow, living on half of our combined income and received $50 a month widows pension. My electric, phone, groceries have all gone up.have all gone up along with state and local taxes. Yes, I get a small property tax reduction. Many seniors that I know feel that we are in danger of death wards when we get too old if no one looks after us. A few of these people have children who don’t bother except to send a birthday or Christmas card. I take someone to the store when I can to get groceries when I have the “extra” money. I fear when my eyes go, and they slowly are, I have no transportation to the doctor, shop for groceries, etc. If I could get a job paying current minimum wage, I will eventually lose my SS benefits. It pays me not to try and work (which I can’t anyway). There are many people in my situation, barely getting by and getting deeper all the time. One friend has called social services, medicaid and Medicare numerous times and gets passes around. She then gets transferred to someone who was “out” at the time. My friend has called back 4 times in two weeks and still has been unable to talk to that person, who never responds to the messages that she leaves. What is your response to the fears and needs of senior citizens?

  3. What are the steps in your opinion we need to take to turn our country away from the socialist state it seems to be headed towards?

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