You are the Jury. So vote – please!

Steve Nagy Incomplete StampYou (our readers) are the jury in a case where the Pro Se homeowner is fighting against 2 high power attorney firms (yeah, 2 Goliaths against a small David)… where the homeowner was denied a jury trial. The bank attorneys say that a Steven Nagy stamp – allegedly on the backside of a note, is the “original” document. The Plaintiff bank has entered the note as an original exhibit in the complaint.

Your vote counts – what do you think? Here is the undated, incomplete, Steve Nagy stamped page – allegedly to be the back side of the original note. What do your think? Please take the poll below or write a comment.

These are copies of the alleged “original” note documents. The last page is the first photo. The endorsement is alleged to be on the back side of this page. Please examine the hole punches and the staple marks and the copier lines. First, is a Steve Nagy stamp in blank a robo-signed document? Do you think robo-signer documents should be legal? Second, does this appear to be back page given the lines, the staple marks and the Pacman hole punch?

Note last page

Note last page

Steve Nagy stamp back of last page

Steve Nagy stamp back of last page






























Your vote counts:

8 thoughts on “You are the Jury. So vote – please!

  1. A caveman blind in one eye knows the the documents are fraud. Besides Nagy is a robo-signer and New Century Mortgage (which was brought by Carrington Mortgage in 2007) doesn’t exist anymore. And I thought the banksters promised the government and state AGs that there will be no robo-signing. Not!

    • Other Answer Votes:
      — Whether or not the indorsement is illegal it won’t matter. The courts don’t care.
      — so funny
      — That is not Steve Nagy’s signature at all.
      — Why is the stamp not on the front of the note if there is room?
      — I just went thru trial pro se last July. All docs were forged and bank SOL ran.
      — altered and NOT original
      — google judy faber. same thing.

  2. If it’s legit – an original – then tell them to file it permanently in the court and take it out of commerce or circulation – if they refused to do it well then. . . it’s obvious that it is an electronic digital ‘facsimile’ of a signature and definitely not an original.

    Looking at the staple marks the so-called allonge would have been stapled backwards to the note – that doesn’t make sense. The 2-hole punches don’t align with the situation either if the allonge was stapled backwards to the original the ‘pacman’ would be on the right side of the allonge to be in opposition to the front page same as staple marks . . .

  3. The stamped ‘Steve Nagy’ on this document is NOT the real Steve Nagy signature.

    The court needs to see exemplars of his real signature.

    Thus, it’s forgery and Robo-signing.

  4. The “PacMan Bite” is the easiest tell on this. Even if the Nagy stamp were given presumptions of veracity this can still only be an image, or a copy, of an original.

    In cases involving blank endorsed instruments the original instrument is essential. A copy is not sufficient.

    “” Possession is an element designed to prevent two or more claimants from qualifying as holders who could take free of the other party’s claim of ownership.” Georg v. Metro Fixtures Contractors, Inc., 178 P.3d 1209, 1213 (Colo.2008) (citation omitted).[8] ” With rare exceptions, those claiming to be holders have physical ownership of the instrument in question.” Id. (citation omitted).[9] In the case of bearer paper such as the Note, physical possession is essential because it constitutes proof of ownership and a consequent right to payment.[10]” In re Miller, 666 F.3d 1255, 1263-64 (10th Cir. 2012).

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