(GEORGETOWN, TEXAS) — The Williamson County Commissioners Court was presented with the final results of the real property records audit conducted in early October by DK Consultants LLC out of San Antonio.  The Commissioners were shocked at the findings, which you can access by clicking here for the full report.

County Judge Sam Gattis instructed County Clerk Nancy E. Rister, who commissioned the study, to contact the newly-elected county attorney and investigate the matter further for future action by the County.  The Board also heard from local Austin attorney David Rogers, who explained that “MERS’ business model is illegal in Texas”.

DK Consultants Managing Member and author of the book “Clouded Titles”, Dave Krieger called for the county district attorney to empanel a grand jury to investigate the foreclosure mill behaviors that MERS’s business model allows to run amuck without any regulatory oversight, specifically naming names of attorneys whose gross signature variations were called into question during the audit.

County Clerk Rister also announced that the county’s property fraud alert system was operational and that any time a document was recorded in the land records, the homeowner would be alerted by email to the document’s newly-recorded presence in the county land records.

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