Stafne Trumbull Crush NWTS, RCO, MERS, MERSCORP in King County Superior Court Motion Hearing: Civil Conspiracy Moves to Discovery

Washington state Pardo v. NWTSKingCast Mortgage Movies  

This is in many ways the most important Mortgage Movie I have made, as MERS/MERSCORP, NWTS, and Routh, Crabtree did not escape a Motion to Dismiss for Civil Conspiracy to Steal and Resell… as such it is even more momentous than the Decision Reversing a sale in Bradburn v. ReconTrust, another case involving vertical integration and deceit, breach of Good Faith Covenants, etc. In essence Your Honor, the Emperor has no clothes…. and you can’t bifurcate the note from the Deed of Trust. When MERS or anyone else “conveys” anything such as a Deed of Trust or Mortgage by Assignment without a Note it is a legal nullity.

Significantly, the Court — with urging from Stafne Attorney Brian Fisher captured on video — affirmed Carpenter v. Longan 88 U.S. 271 (1872). Then there are the theft with intent to resell claims that survived as well……

“The Borrower needs to know who they are supposed to be negotiating with (Counsel and Court share a smile of common sense reasoning and logic)…. The Note has to go first and the Deed of Trust is simply incident to that Transfer. If you just transfer the Deed of Trust, you’ve got nothing.”-Brian Fisher, Esq.

–Christopher King

Good job StafneTrumbull – and especially attorney Brian Fisher. And special thanks to Christopher King who enables us to share the knowledge – very powerful!

Christopher King has worked in residential and corporate real estate in various capacities for the past twelve years, clearing title, filing zoning applications and reviewing wireless tower contracts. He and his associates are now teaming to provide video coverage of America’s imploding Mortgage market. All images video and text subject to copyright.

8 thoughts on “Stafne Trumbull Crush NWTS, RCO, MERS, MERSCORP in King County Superior Court Motion Hearing: Civil Conspiracy Moves to Discovery

  1. Ginny:

    This is fascinating! But the sound is a little too low. I could not hear the judge very well and the video stopped for me two-thirds the way through on my iPad. I will try my office computer, but if there is a way to increase the sound on your end, please do so. Everyone needs to listen to this.


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  3. Should add Distinguished Case law from the highest court in the land upheld also! Carpenter V Longan, 1872 case law! Puts MERS and MERSCORP in their ponzi status shell game place! In my opinion. Great News from a great law firm in my own state. =) =) =) =) =)

  4. Excellent information for the home owners to listen to. I personally appreciate all you all do at Deadly Clear.

    I did not listen to the entire trial but I will. Just wanted to say you all are on the mark with todays post.

    c.m. lee​

  5. There are protest groups in Seattle that purport to be trying to end foreclosures, but they don’t see COURTROOM witnessing as a form of protest. When will the homeowners within this organization start directing actions? When will the homeowners get tough on the leader who instead of wanting to save each and every homeowners home who are members, wants to “created a movement.” Ummmm……saving each of your homeowners’ homes would BE THE MOVEMENT.

    Disgusted with Seattle “non-profits.”

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