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Nothing ever really changes.  Nope, nothing ever changes. Computers just escalated it.

Blacks Law – 8th


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Hawaii Constitution


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From our treasured collection of vinyl records (remember those?) is a very special tribute, The Story of Hawaii’s Golden Heritage, narrated by Hawaii’s beloved
U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye.

Click here to listen to one of the most beautiful presentations ever recorded
and save it for posterity. Senator Inouye left us a very special legacy.

Please enjoy and share with the very special people in your life.


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Click here for the audio link of The Story of Hawaii’s Golden Heritage.
Musical score by Jack de Mello. The Story of Hawaii’s Golden Heritage narrated by Senator Daniel K. Inouye with Jack de Mello Orchestra & Chorus, Music of Polynesia. 1969. 33 ½ rpm. Aloha Airlines commission for 10th Anniversary of Statehood.

Reproduced for audio streaming especially for you by D.J. Parsons, III.

May God bless you and your family in the coming 2013 New Year and for years to come.

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5 thoughts on “By Invitation Only

  1. AROUND DEC 2011 YOU WROTE “The issue is actually fraud and forgery – appears to be in the neighborhood of RICO. We now are finding that the mortgage documents were being used for various purposes other than sitting in static trusts… And it appears that’s why the endorsements were not timely or properly handled.”

    DESPERATELY NEED TO YOUR VAGUE REFERENCE TO “Used for various purposes other than . …” What other purpose? If the failure to timely assign to securitized trust was intentional – why?

    • “Understanding the premeditated intentions of these banks, how they pledge, collaterize, swap, sell, lease,and trade these loans that are SUPPOSED to have been in a static trust will open the eyes of lawmakers to the real moral hazard – the fraud upon the homeowners, the courts and the state.” See:

      There are numerous patents that identify the use of even declined loans. See:
      “Each of the denied loan applications is reviewed at the distribution entity, to determine whether each denied loan application is acceptable for syndication or securitization.”

      It appears shadow banking used loans for multiple purposes in order to create cash flow for the investment banks. IMHO it does not appear that the lower level banks (like IndyMac, WaMU, etc.) were pledging the mortgage loans or using them as assets, however, it appears that the investment banks dictated to the lower tier banks not to record the documents in the state and county recordation offices until there was a default… The assets were unassigned, which might have flown if these were UCC Article 9 securities (and they probably are); however, it appears that even under Article 9 the endorsement would have had to have been specific. See UCC Article 8:501(d).

      Even before we can get into the UCC issues – nowhere in most of the mortgage loan documents and/or notes is there an explicit agreement by the borrower to use electronic transfers of the documents. See UETA sec. 16. and

      • Don’t know who you are – but thanks for everything you are doing and the prompt response.  Trying to wrap my head around the scam – so many levels of it – every time I think I get it – a new door opens and I fall into the rabbit hole.

        Fighting my own case in L.A. against DB – been at it for almost 2 years am I’m still on the learning curve.

        I’m considering doing a civil RICO and appreciate the education.

        P.S.  My honey man born & raised Oahu howlie. 🙂

          Felipa R. Richland Richland & Associates 499 North Canon Drive, 3rd Fl. Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 887-7067 tel (877) 777-0208 fax

        >________________________________ > From: Deadly Clear >To: >Sent: Monday, August 12, 2013 6:30 PM >Subject: [New comment] By Invitation Only > > > > >Deadly Clear commented: “”Understanding the premeditated intentions of these banks, how they pledge, collaterize, swap, sell, lease,and trade these loans that are SUPPOSED to have been in a static trust will open the eyes of lawmakers to the real moral hazard – the fraud upon t” >

      • PHH Home Loans – same day assignment to MERS as nominee for IndyMac. P.S. I’m a lawyer – and I am on my 3rd lawyer. My current one knows all the securitization issues ( except I saw one one your blog that he didn’t raise – but it can be added – re purported default before transfer violates PSA ) so thanx for that too.

        PS r u still in Hawaii – my H has relatives still there.

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