Homeowners SuperPAC Has Launched Facebook & Twitter

Homeowners SuperPAC has launched Facebook and Twitter and is socially acceptable! Spread the word.

HomeownerSuperPACWe need to reach and every homeowner in the nation to help us become the powerful lobby needed to make the necessary changes in the mortgage lending industry. Now is the time to “Friend” Homeowners SuperPAC on Facebook and Tweet all of your friend to follow at https://twitter.com/HSuperPAC

More people – more power! Share the knowledge.

8 thoughts on “Homeowners SuperPAC Has Launched Facebook & Twitter

  1. Yes – I have several groups on FB as well – I will post this to the groups: Fraudclosure Fighters on Facebook and Wells Fargo Sucks!!! and Consumer Protection Action Network to name a few! Join us as well.

  2. I went to trial last Wednesday, July 9, 2014, and represented myself pro se. I had all the evidence against Wells Fargo and US Bank, but was not allowed to present it! My rights of due process were stripped, and was made to feel like a criminal as the bailiff kept intimidating me as I tried to speak. I have spent the past 6 years in litigation to defend my lien on this property when homeowner was sent to prison for fraud. I need an attorney angel in Florida who is willing to fightthe bad guys in Florida! I have 30 days tofile appeal on this securitized trust! The assignments are notarized fraudulently, including the notary had not even become notary yet!! Please help a lady who is a breast cancer survivor defend the right to the truth! God bless everyone in America who is having their properties stolen by banks!

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  4. I’m so tired of this whole thing, and moving and reading and fighting… anyone know an attorney who gets it in NC, that will represent on contingency? I have no money left, I am disabled now and barely making it. Otherwise, I’m going to have to give up and forget getting anything back from Hells Fargo. Thanks.

  5. Help
    Texas home owner needs help with Bank of NY Countrywide American Wholesale Lenders Bank of America/ Specialized Loan Servicing

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