Investors One Corp. to Bank of America – Psychotic Behavior – An Intentional Pattern of Abuse:

“Psychosis is a clinical condition in which the affected person loses contact with reality altering key functions for the human being as the thoughts, feelings, perceptions and behavior.”

In Atlanta, a Dekalb County sheriff evicted a four-generation family, which had been occupying its home, in a 3 a.m. raid earlier this week.

Christine Frazer is the victim of the fraudulent mortgage assignment scheme that has now moved into United States District Court where the judges and clerks are much more astute and have an ability to sort out white collar crime. It appears that Ms. Frazer loan – like so many others, was used and abused as it unlawfully passed through several hands. Ms. Frazer’s COMPLAINT alleges:

On September 22. 2004, thru corporate assignment First Franklin Financial Corporation recorded and assigned its interest to National City Home Loan Services. Inc.
On February 8, 2006, thru corporate assignment First Franklin Financial Corporation attempted to record and assign its interest to National City Bank of Indiana, however it had no interest to assign because it had already assigned said deed to National City Home Loan Services, Inc.

On July 27, 2010, thru corporate assignment National City Bank of Indiana recorded and attempted assign 
its interest to Kondaur Capital Corporation, but it never received true interest from First Franklin Financial Corporation. On July 27, 2010 the same day as the previous assignment, Kondaur Capital Corporation recorded and attempted to assign its bogus interest to Investors One Corporation.


On May 12, 2011 thru corporate assignment National City Home Loan Services, Inc., recorded and assigned its interest to National City Bank of Indiana.

On or about November 23, 2010. Plaintiff [Frazer] was served with a Notice of Sale from McCurdy & Candler, LLC, indicating that the firm represented Bank of America as creditor for the loan in question and that the servicer of such loan was Washington Mutual Bank, Property was set for foreclosure sale on January 4. 2011. At this time neither Bank of America, nor Washington Mutual Bank had any interest in property.

On or about May 26, 2011 Plaintiff received a letter from Shapiro & Swertfeger, LLP, responding to a Qualified Written Request sent by Plaintiff. The letter provides a cbain-of·title for the property. which clearly showed that Investors One Corporation did not have a valid interest due to invalid assignment.  On October 4, 2011, Investors One Corporation foreclosed on Plaintiff [Frazer].

Should you be outraged?  Well, the Nation is.

Georgia County Sheriff Evicts
Four-Generation Family In Raid Resembling ‘Drug Bust’

Allison Kilkenny on May 4, 2012 – 12:30 PM ET

[. . .] The group says the early morning raid resembled a drug bust with officers sneaking across Frazer’s property in the middle of the night before fifty officers stormed her home to serve an eviction notice.

Occupy Our Homes claims Frazer’s home was foreclosured on fraudulently by Investors One Corporation in October 2011, and she has been fighting it in court ever since. In January, activists set up camp on her lawn and told the Frazer family they would defend their home.

Sheriff Thomas Brown said police used “intelligence” to wait until the activists were not present at the home to guard it, and neighbors were asleep, to serve the unprecedented eviction, which includes kicking out Frazer’s 85-year-old mother and 3-year-old grandson. Occupy alleges that police refused to allow Frazer to shower or for her elderly mother to get dressed and told Frazer to behave as if it were a fire drill.

Adding insult to injury, the police then rounded up her dogs and took them to the pound.

Again acting as though a major crime was going down, police blockaded the neighborhood and wouldn’t allow anyone to secure the family’s valuable personal belongings from the curb.

“Once again, it is clear that the government and our law enforcement officials are being used to serve and protect the interest of the 1% and not of ordinary people or even the laws that they have put in place.

Occupy Atlanta is more committed than ever to the fight for Chris Frazer’s home, and the thousands of other homeowners just like her who are being disrespected every day,” said Occupy Our Homes in a press release.

Sheriff Brown called into WAOK to give his side of the story and answer questions from listeners and offered a couple untruths and vague details about the case. After having to be reminded of Frazer’s name, the sheriff claimed Frazer was offered a ride when she was not, and said her case is not in federal court, which it is.

The militarization of local police when it comes to things like drug raids or even routine searches has rightfully received much media attention and condemnation from the public, particularly when it comes to terrible stories like the police officer in Texas who shot Cisco the dog without reason.

But the same level of condemnation isn’t present when a four-generation family has its home raided in the dead of night as though local police discovered a drug cartel in the basement.

The absurdity of this kind of hostile raid, combined with the fact that Frazer’s lawyer claims there is evidence of fraud because there’s a break in the chain of title—a surprisingly common bit of sloppy bookkeeping that occurs as banks shuffle around mortgage papers and never bother to keep track of what institution actually owns the house—should be enough reason to allow Frazer and her family to remain in their home until the courts can work things out.

“Now, I’m not saying all bankers out there are wicked, but I think there are a lot of them that turned their heads when they knew what was going on,” says Frazer, “And it was just that old, evil thing called greed.”  Read the rest of the story here.  A brilliant article by Allison Kilkenny.

By DeadlyClear

A 3 a.m. raid on a home for foreclosure is outrageous. We’re becoming a Police State and that, no matter what party line you belong to – is unacceptable!  “Intelligence”? No – don’t think so.

If the Great State of Georgia re-elects this Sheriff, the Governor or any of the state or federal Legislators – they are nuts!  There is NO earthly reason to eject a family from their home at 3 a.m.  It is disingenuous to assume “danger” from an Occupy group or an 85 year old woman to take it to the level of a swat team raid – all they’ve done is escalate an already antagonistic situation.

This is not Nazi Germany – and allowing over-zealous public officials to remain in power when acts of violence (and an eviction at 3 a.m. with a swat team on elderly and children is an act of violence) is not just ludicrous – it’s dangerous. The Governor should have fired this Sheriff the very same day… and the homeowners’ attorney, JOSHUA G. DAVIS or the ACLU should be researching a Title 42 sec.1983 claim against the entire police department.  And the public should be calling for the Sheriff’s resignation – because this type of psychotic behavior could happen to anyone .. even by MISTAKE!

What is really ironic – is the very people that are damaged by these banksters are the police, firemen, teachers, electricians, plumbers, etc. unions and public employees who don’t know it yet – but their retirement funds are GONE… nothing is really there because the trust fund managers gambled it away on Wall Street in a fraudulent securitization scheme.  Read THE SUCKER PUNCH on DeadlyClear.

These evictions are all about the Trillion$ sucked out of the American public by Wall Street banksters and foreclosures are not going to stabilize the economy.  Wise up Georgia!
It’s time for the DOERS around the world to contact these banks and tell them to reinstate the Frazer family back into their home and forgive the loan for the damage, abuse, and FRAUD that these banks have participated in with
full knowledge, intent and malice.

Investors One Corp.
302 Church St. White Plains. New York 10603


This is a confirmation of incorporation.

National City Bank of Indiana, doing business at 2150 North First St., Suite too, San Jose, CA 95131 who is now owned by PNC, Financial Services, LC

National City Home Loan Services, Inc. who is now owned by PNC, Financial Services, LC doing business at 1297 Wildflower Downs. Lawrenceville, GA 33044

  • James E. Rohr, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    The PNC Financial Services Group
    Rohr is a director of BlackRock, Inc., ATI, EQT Corporation, RAND Board of Trustees and the International Monetary Conference. He is immediate past chairman and a member of The Financial Services Roundtable and the Federal Advisory Council of the Federal Reserve System. He is a past chairman of the Pennsylvania Business Roundtable, former director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and former chairman of BITS, the technology group for The Financial Services Roundtable.
  • Richard J. Johnson, Chief Financial Officer
    The PNC Financial Services Group
    Prior to joining PNC in 2003, Johnson was president and chief executive officer of JP Morgan Services in Delaware, a subsidiary of JP Morgan. Johnson held a number of management positions at JP Morgan, including European chief financial officer in London and global business markets chief financial officer in New York City. In addition, Johnson was an audit manager at Coopers and Lybrand. Prior to being named to his current position in July 2005, Johnson was director of finance for PNC.

First Franklin Financial Corporation doing business at 400 Countrywide Way, Stop CA6~919~02~01, Simi Valley, CA 93065.  PH (408) 678-4400

Kondaur Capital Corporation doing business at 1100 Town & County Road, Suite 1600, Orange, CA 92868

ADDRESS One City Boulevard West, Suite 1900
Orange, California 92868
TEL 888-566-3287 (888-KONDAUR)
FAX 877-566-3287 (877-KONDAUR)

Key Executives For Kondaur Capital Corporation

Name Board Relationships Title Age
John Kontoulis 5 Relationships Chief Executive Officer and Director 55
Aldo Marroquin No Relationships Director of Operations and Loan Servicing
Mark Ferrara No Relationships Managing Director of Community Banking Group
Janice Ramocinski No Relationships Chief Administrative Officer, Executive Vice President and Secretary

Kondaur Capital Corporation Board Members*

Name Board Relationships Primary Company Age
Jon R. Daurio Esq. 2 Relationships ECC Capital Corp. 50
John Kontoulis 5 Relationships ECC Capital Corp. 55
Michael J. Sekits 4 Relationships JAM Equity Partners, LLC

3 thoughts on “Investors One Corp. to Bank of America – Psychotic Behavior – An Intentional Pattern of Abuse:

    • And it goes deeper even still, into the complex myriad of financial shell games of patents, mortgage insurance, retirement accounts, pension funds, etc. The “day” may not yet be through, for the corrupt banksters…….but the morning wake up call is evidently at hand! Occupy our Homes! OWSMaui….We Occupy With Aloha! Virginia? You rock the foreclosed block!

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